Type corporate culture into your search engine and one of two things will happen; you can say goodbye to everything else on your to-do list today, or you’ll close your browser.

The results are overwhelming.

Culture is complicated, because people are complicated.

Tionchar works with small businesses on projects that are changing the way their business operates, the way their people work. Change in your business is a test in resiliency. It affects your bottom line, your goals and definitely your culture. Not to mention, being "adaptable" is a key indicator (and differentiator!) for success. Our programs build your Adaptability Quotient (AQ), protects and improves your culture while you go through change.

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Understanding the impact that change has on yourself and those around you humanizes everyone. It often encourages people to connect; a key component of working together effectively and managing stress. It also enables people to interpret change communications and activities as you intend, and help them to provide useful feedback that protects your culture and investment. 

Our programs positively influences how an individual perceives, prepares and responds to change. We develop their expertise and provide the resources and skills to influence others. When we work with a team or business, we not only influence their perception and readiness, but also their collaboration skills - resulting in happier cultures and stronger businesses. 




Our individual program has two options. It can help you to clarify and accomplish your desired career or business path. Or it can provide you with knowledge to be a stronger manager for your team and organization. And maybe both!



Our team program is an optional pairing with the individual or business programs. We first want to help you as a leader be more resilient with change, but then we want to help you, help your team.  The more the merrier!



Our business program is designed for small to medium companies that know change is a constant. We want to help you, the leaders, embed change resiliency into your culture, practices and employees so that you can achieve all of your dreams.