We view change in your career and business as a test to your resiliency. It affects your bottom line and your goals, and being "good at change" or "adaptable" is a key indicator (and differentiator!) for success. Our programs are built and priced for individuals, teams and small to medium sized businesses to build you resiliency for going through change.

resiliency: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

influence & impact

at tionchar, we believe that influencing even the smallest moments can have a positive impact for our clients and it shows in our programs.


Our programs are developed to positively influence how an individual perceives, prepares and responds to change. We develop their expertise and provide the resources and skills to influence others. When we work with a team or business, we not only influence their perception and readiness, but also their collaboration skills - resulting in stronger businesses. 


Knowing the impact that change can have on yourself and those around you humanizes everyone. It often encourages people to connect; a key component of working together effectively and managing stress. It also enables people to understand change communications and activities as you intend, and help them to provide useful feedback that protects your investment. 

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I want to focus more on how seeing change as a transition might work for you, both personally and professionally.

change is a personal transition - part 4

Recognizing that the life changes that I was experiencing were still moving allowed me to relax with where I was and be grateful for what I had, and as corny as it sounds, trust the process.

change is a personal transition - part 5

I had to think a lot about this post. I needed a series ending and I wanted to be genuine, but I had concerns. Would hiring someone to help me with stress diminish my readers view of my change expertise?

Join us to investigate your own response to change, to understand it better in others, and not take it for granted. Learn more.