client experiences

We work with individuals, teams and organizations to bring them through change; whether it is a change they want or don't want, must happen or a nice-to-have. We help them reach their goals as quickly and as successfully as possible.  Check out some of our client experiences below.


Erin Marshall, Finance Manager

I spoke with an employee of mine who went through Jane’s Leading Change session this morning and he expressed that the session was incredibly helpful for him to understand other’s reactions to change or reasons for change. This made him more comfortable with the constantly changing environment we are in, and gave him a more optimistic outlook when it happens now. Furthermore, he is really looking forward to the next session.

Sarah Multamaki-Walker, Confederation College

I was floundering in a part-time/contract position and I felt I had no direction and I didn't know what I wanted to do with my career. I was starting to burn out and I needed a change, but I was terrified of the change at the same time.

With the help of tionchar, I figured out that I love to solve puzzles, which led me to start a full-time job as a scheduling officer at my local college. I also found that after finishing this program, I was better able to focus myself on personal development, and do what was truly important to me.

This program is worth every penny and then some. tionchar really knows how to draw out your true talents and help you to focus on what will excite you personally, or career-wise.


Arielle Land, Audacious Marketing

tionchar’s programs have grounded my confidence in my strengths, allowing me to be intentional with the direction my life is going – both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the path Jane has helped me pave.


Harry Harker, 1st Principles Planning

I was challenged to find a way to bring two young associates into a partnership arrangement that would allow them to take over my consulting practice over the next two to three years. What I wasn't expecting was how mis-matched our expectations for the practice would be. 

Jane was quick to identify our challenges and change requirements, and bring them to our attention in a manner we could hear and accept. She saved us from jumping off the deep end into a partnership nightmare and allowed us to continue to work together, as colleagues rather than partners.

My consulting practice continues to be profitable and my colleagues are engaged at a level that suits them for now. In addition, Jane provided us with the tools to increase involvement in the future if we wish.



Asia Walker, 1st Principles Planning

Jane is the quintessential professional and her flexibility and ability to adapt means she's able to help with any problem or issue that may arise during your session. 

She helped us craft a path forward for our business, but she also helped me grow as a professional. She taught me to stand up for my abilities and embrace change, regardless of how scary it seems. 

Jane is fantastic! Hire her!


Jennifer Miller, 1st Principles Planning

As a great communicator and outcome-oriented person, Jane set the stage for productive conversations and helped us work together toward some major milestones.

I enjoyed working with Jane and would recommend her to anyone who is working through transition in their business.


Naheed Gilani, Conscious Wealth

Working with Jane has helped me to identify key areas of my life which needed some adjustments in order to get myself to my desired next steps. Starting my own business hasn't been easy, but she's giving me tools and strategies to know myself and help me figure out how to succeed.


Kristen Dyck, AVRO Creative

My business was beginning to grow just as I was expecting a baby and I was challenged by how I would plan my growing business around a new baby. Jane reduced my stress by providing me with a framework to objectively look at the change objectively and properly prepare for it. I was then able to develop a business plan to activate immediately and to follow in the months to come. Jane provided me with a framework that I can continuously go back to as challenges (changes) in life and my business will never go away. 

I never would have thought that having someone guide you through change could be so beneficial. We all go through change, and we all want to get from A to B as smoothly and with as much success as possible. I would recommend tionchar to anyone who is trying to make a transition in their business, or have a change in their life that will impact their business. 


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